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“Moe Norman was an extraordinary man who intuitively developed the Single Plane Golf Swing, which he taught to Todd Graves. Through this wonderful book, frustrated golfers can learn to swing like Moe and improve their games.”

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About The Book

The mysterious and reclusive genius Moe Norman is acknowledged as the best ball-striker in the history of golf by many of the game's greats. The Single Plane Golf Swing: Play Better Golf the Moe Norman Way reveals the secrets of the swing that enabled him to hit the ball solidly with unerring accuracy and consistency-every time. Norman's simple, efficient, and easily understood Single Plane Swing has improved the games of thousands of golfers. Golf professional Todd Graves, known as ''Little Moe'' and regarded as the world authority on Norman's swing, comprehensively teaches readers the mechanics, drills, and feelings of the Single Plane Swing that Moe called ''The Feeling of Greatness.'' Graves shares Norman's brilliant insights and liberating approach to the game and demonstrates why the conventional ''tour'' swing is too complex and frustrating for the majority of amateurs. Illustrated with more than 300 photographs and written with Tim O'Connor, Norman's biographer, the book also engagingly tells Norman's bittersweet life story and explores the teacher-student bond forged between Norman and his protégé Graves.
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Two different swing planes form at address, along the arms and the clubshaft.
Two planes have to align into one for the clubface to square up at impact.

TWO PLANE SWING | Complicates Impact

The two-plane mistake makes the swing very difficult, requiring the following complex body movements to square the club face at impact:
  1. Lifting of the spine and upper back
  2. Straightening of the lead knee and rotation of the lead and trail hip
  3. Lifting of the arms and shoulders
  4. Rotations of the trail arm and hand
  5. Lifting of the trail foot
  6. The Force of lifting the body into impact produces undue stress on the back


One swing plane at address and impact simplifies the golf swing.
One swing plane simplifies impact making it easier to square club at impact

THE SINGLE PLANE | Simplifies Impact

It’s much easier for the golfer to arrive soundly at impact and hit the ball solidly with the Single Plane Swing. Moe Norman accomplished this in the following ways:
  1. Establishing the same plane at address and impact
  2. Keeping both feet completely grounded back and through, eliminating spine lift
  3. Minimizing shoulders and hip movement

Moe Norman’s swing makes golf easier to learn, less stressful and more enjoyable to play.


MORE CONSISTENT | Easier to Repeat

Consistency increases when unnecessary rotation is eliminated. Moe reduced rotation by:
  1. Placing the trail hand in a non-rotational position on the club
  2. Placing the lead hand in a neutral position
  3. Stabilizing the trail knee, reducing rotation
  4. Creating a solid A-frame foundation with a wide stance
  5. Maintaining a flexed lead knee through impact, reducing lead hip rotation
  6. Tilting the spine (face-on view) places trail shoulder on plane, eliminating shoulder over-rotation

EASIER ON THE BODY | Less Overall Stress

Moe’s swing is easier on the body:
  1. Spine compression radically decreases when the spine doesn’t move up
  2. Flexed left knee takes stress off the back
  3. Shallower swing path reduces stress on hands and arms due to proper spacing
  4. Stress on the back is eliminated when the spine remains in same tilt through the swing


About The Authors

Todd-GravesTodd Graves is the world’s best-known teacher of the Single Plane Swing, which was developed by Moe Norman, the greatest ball-striker in the history of golf according to many of golf’s most respected names. A former player on the Canadian and Asian professional golf tours, Todd became known as “Little Moe” for his ability to replicate the swing of Moe Norman. Through his friendship with Moe and their mentor-student relationship for 10 years, Todd became an authority on Moe’s Single Plane Swing and dedicated himself to preserving and enhancing Moe’s legacy and teaching his swing. Todd is an archivist of articles, pictures, videos, clubs, and memorabilia that pertains to Moe. In 2000, Todd and his brother Tim Graves co-founded the Graves Golf Academy, the only golf program dedicated to teaching Moe’s approach to golf. The academy has taught more than 5,000 students in its golf schools in Florida, Oklahoma City, and around North America. The GGA website is Todd lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Tim-OConnorTim O’Connor is an award-winning journalist who has written about golf for thirty years and plays the game avidly. Tim is the editor of Single Plane Golfer magazine published by the Graves Golf Academy. Tim has written three previous golf books, including The Feeling of Greatness: The Moe Norman Story, and he edited The Final Missing Piece of Ben Hogan’s Secret Puzzle. Tim has written for GOLF, Golf World, LINKS, Golfweek, SCOREGolf, and Golf Canada. He was golf columnist for The Financial Post and covered golf for the radio division of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Tim was named International Network of Golf Reporter of the Year three straight years (1994–96). He was music critic for the Canadian Press news agency and has done communications consulting for the golf industry. Tim lives in Rockwood, Ontario, with his wife Sandy and sons, Corey and Sean. His website is

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