Moe Norman

The late Moe Norman was one of the most complex characters in the history of the golf.

The irony is that Norman discovered the simple Single Plane Golf Swing that has made golf more fun and easier for thousands of golfers.

Recognized as the best-ball striker in history, Norman developed a new approach to the swing that makes it easier for amateur golfers to hit the ball accurately, solidly and consistently.

“Only two players have ever truly owned their swing—Moe Norman and Ben Hogan.”

–Tiger Woods

In the country club world golf in the ’50s and ’60s, Norman was a mustard-stained outsider, but he won hundreds of amateur and professional tournaments, captured two Canadian Amateur championships and played in two Masters.

With his arms straight out and his stance wide, the savant-like genius looked and acted differently. He spoke in high-pitched and he was excruciatingly shy, which is the key reason he couldn’t handle life on the PGA Tour.

While he remained a cult figure until his death in 2004, tales of Norman’s ball-striking brilliance are told over and over today—stories abound about Moe hitting multiple flagsticks during a round, banging three-woods off 250-yard markers over and over, hitting 1,540 consecutive drives into a narrow landing zone during an exhibition, setting about 35 course records and making 17 holes-in-one.

Todd Meets Moe

Moe and “Little Moe” 1994

Canadian Journalist Tim O’Connor turned his fascination with Moe Norman’s bittersweet life story into the best-selling 1995 book, The Feeling of Greatness: The Moe Norman Story, which gave golfers around the world their first in-depth understanding of the legend.

About a year earlier, American golf professional Todd Graves saw a video of Norman hitting balls that changed his life and led to the mentor-student relationship that enabled him to learn the master’s swing to the point he was dubbed Little Moe. Graves eventually opened the Graves Golf Academy to teach Norman’s swing.

Through their mutual fascination with Norman, O’Connor and Graves vowed they would some day pay tribute to Norman in a spectacular book that would both celebrate his life and provide golfers with the most comprehensive instruction ever produced on the Single Plane Swing.

With The Single Plane Golf Swing: Play Better Golf the Moe Norman Way, Graves and O’Connor have lavishly honoured the most complicated character in the history of golf who created the simplest and most repeatable swing in the game.